“Discover the wonderful world of olive oil”

Aceites Bañón is proud to offer you an introductory course in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting.

Learning to taste oils is not just something sensory, we firmly believe that one must know about oils in order to correctly evaluate them.

We explain the why of things, why the green fruity, or the mature or why a variety has some nuances of different aromas to others …

The purpose of the course is mainly to learn and have fun, we will teach you how to perform an oil tasting/strong> and thus discover a little more of this exciting world.

At the end of the course you will be given a bottle of oil

The course is structured in two parts


A not so boring and necessary part to fix concepts that many times have been changed and to explain the necessary information before the tasting.


Where we will learn to deal with the olive oils, tasting them and teaching the tools of the tasting protocol and sensory analysis

With rigorous content, we will focus on the training and participation of students.

Some of the topics that will be dealt with in the course are

  • What should we look for on the label?
  • What does acidity tell us?
  • Does color matter?
  • What is the meaning of the first cold grip?
  • Difference between olive oil and seed oil
  • What is a refined oil?
  • Tradition vs. modernity
  • Are traditionally extracted oils better?
  • Intense, spicy, fruity oils… what does it depend on?
  • White marks, are they really good oils?
  • Are all oils the same?
  • Official classification of oils
  • Oil conservation
  • Bottles, cans, ceramics, bricks, etc. Which is the best packaging?

Introduction to Sensory Analysis through Tasting

Tasting protocol

Discover step by step the tasting process, how to start, how to do it until you reach the final conclusion

Tasting phases

Not only is taste used, but also smell and touch

Tasting session

You will have several types of oils and you will have to learn to differentiate them

Sensory characteristics

You will learn to describe the different characteristics of the oils: Taste, aroma, texture, colour

Basic Vocabulary

Organoleptic characteristics, Flavor, Polyphenols, Tocopherols… we explain every word related to tasting.


Negative, positive, each oil has its properties


    I learned a lot about the world of oil, the truth is that now I look at them differently, I would repeat.

    Christian Q.

    I would never have thought that oil could have so many properties and be so different from one variety to another, very interesting.

    Pedro C.

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